#3: Life on Mars?

Ares: Life on Mars?
Volume 1 - Issue 3
Spring 2000

Focus on Astrobiology and the Search for Life on Mars.

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The third issue of Ares will focus on the emerging field of Astrobiology and the search for Life on Mars.

We have permission to include an astrobiology newsletter MarsBugs which has been published since 1996.  We're also looking for other materials and your ideas for what we can include are always welcome.  Email us at ares-cdrom@chapters.marssociety.org 

Table of Contents


by Dr. David Thomas, Astrobiologist

  • Complete Browser-viewable archive
  • Hundreds of weekly issues going back to 1996.
  • Many Formats available
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Ares Featured Content

  • Research Papers about Life on Mars, viking experiments, astrobiology.
  • General information about Mars & missions (from MarsNews.com)
  • Clickable Mars Atlas (NASA/Ames)
  • Images from Mars Global Surveyor / Pathfinder / Viking / Mariner
  • Mars Videos & Screensavers from 
       The Red Planet Mars DVD
  • Research Papers about Mars exploration and settlement issues

The Mars Society

  • Chapter One of The Case for Mars 
    by Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of the Mars Society
  • The Founding Declaration of The Mars Society
  • Archive of all official bulletins from the Mars Society
  • Official Mars Society slide show and script
  • Other information and multimedia features

Cover Design Contest

We are having a contest to design the cover of this Issue.  Please submit your cover design ideas to the Ares Mailing List -- the ones we don't use we'll post here on the website like last time.  

The focus of this issue is learning about mars and educational outreach, so design your cover accordingly.  Please do not use any works we require permission to use -- NASA images & works are public domains so they can be used.

Click here for first issue's cover design contest.

Known Issues

Issue #3 has not yet shipped.  Check back after we've released the code for any new problems we've found.


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Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000
Internet Explorer 4.0 or above (5.0 recommended and included on CD)
Netscape Navigator 4.0 or above
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            or open the file D:\menu.htm in your web browser
To Install IE 5.0: 
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Power Macintosh - Mac OS 8 or above
Internet Explorer 4.0 or above (4.5 recommended) 
Netscape Navigator 4.0 or above
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Any GUI Window Manager than can run:
Netscape Navigator 4.0 or above (4.7 recommended)
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You will be able to order (and preorder) this Issue directly from this website.  Check back here soon.




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