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Puget Sound chapter, Seattle, WA, USA
The Mars Society

Project News
updated July 14, 2001

CDs Available from the Puget Sound chapter:

Ares: Premiere Issue (final with printed sleeve) - PC only
    for sale at $10 retail or $6 each for Mars Society chapters/members - email for bulk deals

Ares: Learning About Mars (final with printed sleeve) - PC/Mac
    for sale at $10 retail or $6 each for Mars Society chapters/members - email for bulk deals

Ares: Life on Mars? (Beta 1 - May 2000) - PC/Mac
    free pre-release version by Puget Sound chapter (must pay $5 shipping & handling or order one of the above.)

Email us at with your postal mailing address if you would like to place an order.  We can accept Paypal (which can accept credit card & e-checks), money orders, or personal checks.

Project Notice:

The Ares Task Force, led by Jim Burk and the Seattle/Puget Sound chapter, has been disbanded. The task force was integral in the production of Ares issues #1 and #2. Unfortunately, the production of Issue #3 was done without our involvement, much to our surprise. As a consequence, Jim Burk has chosen to end his involvement with the Ares CD-Rom.

If you are interested in helping out with future issues of Ares -- please contact Mars Society HQ at  

Ares is the Mars Society's CD-ROM magazine, and serves as a periodical journal and multimedia title.  The Premiere Issue of Ares was sent to all Mars Society members shortly before the Mars Society convention of August 1999.  Past issues have contained magazine-style articles, official Mars Society  materials (Founding Declaration, The Case for Mars, slideshow, bulletins and more), professional research papers, software, simulations, demos, high-quality images, maps and atlases, data from recent Mars exploration missions, multimedia features, and much more. 

Ares is produced by volunteers from the Mars Society and each issue is mailed to all Mars Society members worldwide as part of their annual membership benefits. Issues are sold by the Mars Society at our annual convention and some have been donated to students, teachers, and researchers. In addition, select copies of Ares are available for sale by Mars Society chapters at conventions & events.

Read the Forward to the Premiere Issue of Ares, written by 
Dr. Robert Zubrin
, President of the Mars Society